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11 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
MBD Meet & Learn Community
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Open until 13 November 2022

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MBD Meet & Learn Community

The MBD approach is the next revolution in the CAD / CAM / CAE domain, where annotated 3D models and technical data packages (TDP 3D) are used as a single source for all design information, eliminating the use of 2D drawings and driving the transformation to digital manufacturing. 

Why a community?

In this phase of the implementation of MBD, knowledge and experience sharing is of the utmost importance.

That is why we launch the MBD Meet & Learn community.

On this online community, we bring parties together to discuss the various challenges that the implementation of MBD entails.

What can you expect from the MBD Meet & Learn Community?

- All relevant parties together in one community
- OEM input on MBD roadmaps, TDP’s, standards etc.
- Tips & tricks from Solution Providers
- Online lectures and workshops
- Face to face meetings (small groups / corona-proof)
- 1:1 online meeting environment throughout the year
- Once a year the MBD Solutions Event at Mikrocentrum (7-11 June 2021 https://www.3ddeltaweek.com/)

    Who can participate? 

    1) OEM supplier

      Are you an OEM supplier and are you implementing MBD within your organisation? Then this community is for you. In what phase are you? Beginner, advanced, experienced?

      2) Solutions Provider

      Do you have solutions to help the OEM supplier with their 3D PMI challenges? Are you a member of Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform? Than you are welcome to join the community

      3) OEM

        Are you implementing MBD in your organisation and do you want to include your supply chain in this process? Join the community and become a partner.

        Two criteria for participating in the community

        1. You are responsible for or involved in the implementation of MBD within your own organisation.
        2. You provide solutions for the MBD.

        Why should you participate?

        • You want to know more about MBD and the opportunities it can offer your organisation. (Supplier or OEM)
        • You are facing MBD related challenges and would like to exchange ideas with colleagues.
        • You are looking for solutions to use MBD as effectively and efficiently as possible.
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